The Company

Shipstone’s Beer Company Ltd

Shipstone’s Beer Company Ltd was set up with the specific reason of preserving and protecting one of Nottingham’s most well know brewing names. It’s been my dream to accomplish this for quite some time and it has now finally been achieved.

Here is a little about me and the key man Colin, the brewer.  I have had the most amazing support from friends and family and just have to thank them all for making this dream a reality. You know who you are, and thanks!

The Dreamer

Richard Neale

I started in the brewing industry in 1997 with Whitbread Beer Company, and stayed with the same company for 18 years. I worked in a variety of different roles, and though a few mergers and acquisitions – finally working for the world’s largest brewer – AB-InBev.

I left AB-InBev to set up Shipstone’s Beer Company at the end of March 2013, and have my fingers crossed that people like what I am doing.

The Brewer

Pat Storey

Pat trained under Colin Brown at Belvoir Brewery for 4 years, Colin used to work at the Shipstone’s Star Brewery and passed on all that experience to Pat who brewed all our beers at Belvoir before joining the team at Little Star Brewery.

He has already added lots of value to the team, putting in some excellent standards and is a real grafter.

The Fixer

Emily Dawson

Emily is the first person to join team Shippo’s. Emily has lots of retail experience after working at some of the best bars and restaurants in Nottingham.

The Journey

It all started back in 2007 when I was working in buying at InBev. I was looking after the purchasing and sales of other brewer’s brands which included cask ales. Visiting all the fantastic breweries all over the country, I learned so much about the heritage of English Ales and how many family brewers were still going strong. I also started to understand how many breweries had been bought up and then closed down through mass brewery consolidation. Many breweries were purchased by companies for their valuable pub chains and retail outlets than for their beers and this made me look into what had happened to the famous brewers of Nottingham. bI started to understand that James Shipstone’s & Sons had been one of those companies. It was sold out to Greenall’s in 1978, and then closed down in 1990.

I then decided to track down the owners of the Shipstone’s brand by looking on the Intellectual Property Website for Trade Marks, and found that it was owned by Scottish & Newcastle (now Heineken). I made some enquiries which then led me to purchase the Trade Mark and brand rights.

I was then going to get straight on with bringing this great brand back, but one thing after the next got in the way. Until 18 months ago I set myself a goal, if I didn’t do it now, it was never going to happen, so I think I had a mid life crisis and forged on.

I had done lots of research and lots of fact finding. Hours spent with my head down in books and paperwork from the Shipstone’s archives, looking back into the original malt and hop ledgers. Tracking down ingredients which dated back to when the Shipstone family were still at the helm. Richard

Then I found Colin Brown an ex-James Shipstone’s & Sons brewer, and he had the expertise and essential Shipstones experience to develop a beer that represented the heritage behind the name, a beer that tasted fantastic and a beer the brought back fond memories of good times. Colin was able to tell me what it was like working at the Star Brewery in Basford and was able to brew the Shipstone’s Bitter as close to the original as possible.

I thought I was pretty much there until I got into the detail of label design, web design, barcodes, point of sale systems, finance systems, warehousing systems and processes and the list could go on and on; every new task list was valuable however small or large.