Shipstone’s Star – The Search is on!

Shipstone’s Beer Company is calling on the Nottingham public to help seek out and track down an original Shipstone’s horse drawn delivery wagon in an effort to revive the heritage of one of the city’s most famous brands.

Dating back to 1852, Shipstone’s has a long history within the city, but production ceased after the sale of the company over 20-years ago. Now following a successful re-launch in July, Shipstone’s is back and looking to track down iconic elements of the brands history that are bestowed with the famous Shipstone’s red star.

The original star wagons were first introduced over 100-years ago by the brewery founder, James Shipstone. With hundreds of barrels of beer requiring delivery every day, horse and wagon was the best way to complete orders throughout the county.

When James Shipstone founded his new brewery it was said ‘he hitched his wagon to a star, the familiar red star of Shipstone’s’. This iconic image is one that the new Shipstone’s Beer Company is seeking to revive.

“The heritage and history of the Shipstone’s name is at the very heart of everything that we do, even our strap line is ‘Heritage worth Handing down’ ”, commented Richard Neale, founder of the new Shipstone’s beer company.

“The re-launch has been greeted with overwhelming enthusiasm from the public. Moving into the third month of production, over 80 pubs, bars, restaurants and shops across the East Midlands have purchased Shipstone’s Beer already, leading to an increase in brew size to keep up with demand.

“We received a fantastic response across social media channels with people posting their stories and memories of the brand. This gave us the idea to see if we could track down items from Shipstone’s history.

“The original wagon with the red star is a really recognisable and iconic item. If we can find and restore it in time for the Nottingham Beer Festival, it would be a great tribute to the heritage of Shipstone’s.”

If you have any information on the location of one of the Nottingham Star delivery carts, please get in touch by emailing