Festival of Food and Drink Gallery 2016

Thank you to the organisers of the @festoffood Festival of Food and Drink last Saturday and Sunday.  We met lots of exciting people and spotted famous chefs and cooks everywhere (Rosemary Schrager, Lisa Faulkner and Anjula Devi).  There was delicious food at every corner and we particularly liked buying a delicious organic burger from our local farm shop (Maxey’s Farm Shop in Kirklington) and getting pancakes from Market Rasen.

Rosemary Schrager stopped by at our stall to meet the Neale brothers and asked us lots of questions about our heritage beer range and how we brew the Nut Brown! Rik was pleased to let her in on a few brewing insider tips.

Another highlight was meeting the owner of Jorge Artisan Foods.  George used to work for Jamie Oliver in London as a chef and provided us with tasty savoury pastries made with free range ham hock and free range chicken.  How did you think that they went with our beers?  Opposite us we tried the cheeses from the Hartington Cheese Shop too and their Stilton went superbly with our Original Bitter.  Try it!  It really does soften the flavour!  As always feel free to comment or get in touch with us via twitter.

Thanks again to everyone involved.  See if you can spot Lou in the gallery?

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